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Greg Budd has held nearly every job available at Tri County Tower since starting in November of 1989, so he has a unique perspective on the company and the industry that only long and diverse experience can bring. He currently serves as the General Manager, but began his career doing maintenance on the company’s vehicles and heavy equipment. Having previously worked as a service director at a large car dealership, one common thread that connects his work experience until now is his hands-on approach to the managing. As a former tower climber, Greg brings valuable insight and knowledge that only comes from experience in the field, and he takes great pride in passing this wisdom on to the next generation of TCT team members.

Greg was originally drawn to working at Tri County by the possibilities for travel and seeing the world from a vantage point that you can only get from the top of a tower. Even after 30 years at Tri County, he still finds new and different challenges every day. As a constant source of knowledge for many of the junior (and senior) members of the team, Greg is commonly described by his colleagues as friendly, informative and well informed. He is never reluctant to get involved when anyone has a question or needs a hand. Greg has always said that his lifelong friends and work family are the things that he values most about his career at Tri County. He is a perfect example of the saying that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.   

Outside of work, Greg enjoys a wide variety of activities, but most of all spending time with his wife, family, and especially his grand kids. He considers his grand-children and being married to be some of the top highlights of his life, as well as beating cancer. He enjoys reading sci fiction, listening to jazz music, word search puzzles and loves taking road trips with his wife.

His top advice to anyone interested in starting in the industry is to trust your equipment, and that as long as you aren’t afraid of heights, working on a tower is not that different from doing the same thing on the ground... but with a view you can’t beat!